Without Walls Day Habilitation Staten Island

group activities

City Access New York is excited to announce the opening of our Day Hab Without Walls program in Staten Island!

Our new Without Walls Day Habilitation program on Staten Island will be provided for adults age 21 years and older. Our new program seeks to provide community based activities that enhance socialization, communication, and vocational skills. Our program offers:

* Pathway to Employment to develop confidence, job skills, and a career plan with an end goal of employment and independence.

* Pre Vocational Training to develop the skills needed for job placement.

* Activities of Daily Living (ADL) program designed to cultivate skills such as money management, safety, and personal hygiene that promote independence.

* Sports and Fitness related activities that help foster pride, sportsmanship, community engagement and most importantly new friendships.

* Recreational activities such as art, music, picnics and much more!

* Door to door transportation will be provided to and from program for participants.

For more information:

Jennifer Acevedo, Day Habilitation Coordinator