In Memoriam

Ken’s Obituary

Ken walking with students and teachers on the Brooklyn Bridge- May 2006

Ken Struve founded City Access New York in 2006 with an entirely innovative approach and a lot of creativity.  And it worked!  Today, it is a truly remarkable organization with real pathways for people of all abilities. 

Even after moving out of state, Ken was always involved and worked really hard as a Chair of the Board of Directors for quite a few years.   

I met Ken at one of the landmarks of the Day Habilitation program of that time, Aviator, during a Family orientation day for new participants about 10 years ago. Ever since we worked very closely together, and he became an advisor, a friend, and a mentor.  He was a lot of fun, had a great sense of humor and made our biweekly meetings an anticipated event.  We will remember you, Ken.  You did great by us, thank you. 

Sophia Rossovsky, Executive Director

In Loving Memory of my dear friend Ken   You created a path for success and opportunities for so many people. You will be greatly missed but never forgotten. Your good friend, Mitch.

Mitch Goldstein, Co-Founder & Respite Director

Over the past 12 years at City Access, I had the honor to share a workplace with Ken. From the moment I joined, he was nothing short of welcoming, kind, and encouraging. As our Executive Director, he was always there to lend a supportive ear. He made you feel like you were trusted, and he backed you on any decision or new idea that you brought to the table. As the years went on and he adjusted to his new role as Board Chair, he brought that same enthusiasm for his team, and was always someone we could count on. I hope he realizes how much he was loved in our organization, from the participants, to the staff, to the administration. Even if he wasn’t always able to be physically present with us, his impact and influence was felt in his ability to help make the lives of those we serve better. And that is the Ken we knew. Every decision, every vote of support, every hard conversation was always done with our participants in mind. I’m proud of the time I spent working with him, and I will always miss his words of encouragement and the genuine excitement he portrayed when we got to speak. He will be dearly missed, but always remembered by our CANY family.

Ryan Dillon, Director of Program Services

He always had a smile and was so upbeat. Like nothing ever bothered him. It was a pleasure to work for him.

Deb DiForte

I had the pleasure of meeting Ken, prior to City Access. He was a pleasant man, that was eager to start up a small agency and service people with disabilities. He heard I had some experience with running Respite Programs, and asked if I would be interested in working for City Access , I gladly accepted. 

That small agency has created a safe environment for people with disabilities, and it remains a fun, family oriented, wonderful place for all. City Access has certainly grown since then, and we thank you for sharing your vision, because of you we have City Access, and we thank you, RIP.  

Yvette Blunt, Manager of Community Habilitation

Even though I never had the pleasure of working with Ken in person, his impact was always felt on our organization. Ken will be dearly missed.

Fran Farin, Director of HR and Administration

Ken Struve dedicated his life to enriching and providing meaningful programs for those with disabilities.  His foresight helped create lasting programs that provide educational, recreational and community supports.  I met Ken nearly 20 years ago and together helped his vision to become a reality in the borough of Staten Island.  Ken Struve will always be a part of City Access NY.  May his memory live on through the programs he created.

Helene Toron, Director of Staten Island Respite and Community Habilitation

In Memory of Ken

You were a wonderful person who left a legacy of access to cultural and community activities for so many people. We will miss you.

Randy Bolton, Compliance Officer

The world lost one of its most mission-oriented, caring souls, Ken Struve. You will be hard pressed to find similar intellect, drive, passion and compassion for a mission, like the resolve of Ken. I was honored to be mentored by him for eight years while serving alongside Ken as his Vice Chair for City Access New York. I am very appreciative of every second I was able to learn from Ken about what an honor it was to be a part of CANY’s board but more importantly the honor it was to serve CANY’s community in which he loved so dearly. Ken was loved by many, near and far, and we will miss him dearly. The CANY community has sadly lost its architect and founder, but Ken’s legacy will continue and never be forgotten. May he Rest in Peace.

Christopher Sims, Board of Directors

I first met Ken Struve when I was a teacher for the City of NY working with Blind and Visually Impaired students.  He came into our classroom with his music and wonderful nature enthralling the students.  Over time his advocacy would help teach them about sailing and help them learn, in a hands on way, about the history of New York City.  As the students got older Ken’s work with the Museum Consortium enabled students to get internships in different museums around NYC, helping them gain valuable work skills.  This is a small part of the legacy Ken leaves behind.  Through City Access Ken will live on helping young adults reach their potential.  Ken’s energy and dedication will be missed but he gave us all a roadmap to continue his efforts.  We can only hope to live up to his standards.  

Susan LoFranco, Board of Directors

I was blessed with the opportunity to work with Ken Struve over a number of years, developing school programs through year-long residencies for K-12 students in Brooklyn. Ken’s creativity, enthusiasm, and innovation allowed us to serve these young people in diverse ways by utilizing cultural resources such as the South Street Seaport Museum and NYC itself. This work, along with partnerships he led to increase accessibility capacity across the cultural sector, has continued to shape the way I engage audiences and view our responsibilities to the communities in which we serve.

Robert Forloney, Board of Directors