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What is the Museum Access Consortium (MAC)?

What is the Museum Access Consortium?

The Museum Access Consortium (MAC) is a volunteer-based association that brings together cultural practitioners, people with disabilities, and disability advocates to share experiences, learn from one another, and refine best practices with the aim of advancing accessibility and inclusion in cultural facilities of all types in the New York metro area. MAC is grateful to City Access New York for serving as its fiscal sponsor and partner.

Who is in the Museum Access Consortium?

Museum Access Consortium members include about 100 cultural institutions from the metropolitan NYC area that are diverse in size and type of institution as well as service organizations, educational institutions, design firms and consultants. The Museum Access Consortium includes among its members persons with personal and professional experience with disabilities and accessibility. The total number of participants in MAC representing institutions, organizations, consultants, and disability advocates is 170. City Access New York is a member of the Museum Access Consortium.

What do we believe?

The Museum Access Consortium (MAC) strives to enable people with disabilities to access cultural facilities of all types. We define accessibility broadly, to include architectural, physical, programmatic, communication, attitudinal and other forms of access. We take as a basic tenet that increasing accessibility for people with disabilities increases accessibility for everyone.

What do we offer to you and/or your institution?


  •  Regular meetings addressing topics in accessibility
  •  Opportunities to network, share ideas and build support in your efforts to make your institution accessible
  •  Outings to metropolitan area cultural institutions and service organizations to view accessibility components
  •  A growing database of guidelines and training resources for increasing accessibility of your own institution.
  • A cultural calendar of accessible programs in the New York metro area.

“How can I get involved or learn more?”

 Visit MAC’s Get Involved page to learn more about becoming a member and accessing professional development opportunities, the accessibility cultural calendar, training resources, and more.